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Accelerating the energy transition through social impact projects

On the sweet spot between education, technology and the energy transition

Impact projects

BDR Thermea Foundation wants to support education projects that inspire people of all ages to learn about technology. Our goal is to educate current and future engineers and technicians to accelerate the necessary transition to a zero-carbon future in the built environment.

We focus on projects that relate to our main impact areas: technology, education and the energy transition.



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No successful energy transition without sufficient skilled talent

Across the world, the necessary switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources is in full swing. A transition which is and will create many new jobs. For example, insulating houses, installing heat pumps and charging stations, finding replacements for fossil fuels, constructing wind and solar farms and carrying out research and innovation. All these changes drive the demand for more technical employees at all levels.


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Educating engineers to accelerate the energy transition

Today, the industry struggles to find enough qualified people. The number of unfilled vacancies is growing – and therefore unfortunately slowing down the transition. Technical education is not attracting enough young people. Besides, it is difficult to match students’ skills and knowledge with today’s speed of innovation. Therefore, the Foundation wants to make a contribution by investing in education and training programs which should inspire more people to choose a career in technology and generate a qualified and skilled workforce that will support the transition to a zero-carbon future.

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