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Involved and active ownership of BDR Thermea Group

Active ownership

Safeguarding BDR Thermea Group’s continuity

The main objective of the Foundation is to safeguard the continuity of BDR Thermea Group as an international company with strong roots in the Netherlands. We want to be an active, responsible and involved shareholder. Based on the Foundation charter, we serve two main responsibilities.

As sole shareholder, we take a long-term view of the company. We expect the board to secure our leading position in key markets in a socially responsible way. The Foundation takes a dominant role in accelerating the energy transition with a special focus directed to the position and development of our employees.


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Sustainable value creation

We ensure that the strategy of BDR Thermea Group is focused on sustainable financial performance, with a good balance between long-term investments and short-term profitability.

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Employee interests

Our founder put specific emphasis on being a good employer by prioritizing employees’ interests. BDR Thermea Foundation values the Group’s commitment to topics like safety, diversity, development possibilities of employees, and a meaningful role for workers councils.

Reporting cycle

The Board of BDR Thermea Group and the Foundation meet at least four times per year. During these meetings, several topics are discussed:

  • Progress on strategy execution
  • Financial results
  • Employee and talent development
  • Progress on ESG targets

During every meeting we discuss a special theme in more detail, such as innovation, CSR, digitalization, HR, and others. Furthermore, once a year a separate meeting is dedicated to the strategy of the company.

Shares in BDR Thermea Group

The Foundation owns 100% of the shares in BDR Thermea Group.

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