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About the BDR Thermea Foundation

About us

Ensuring continuity and accelerating energy transition

The Foundation was created in 1982, by the Andries van Reekum, son of the founder of Remeha. The main motivation was to ensure the continuity of the company, which is still our main objective today. After several significant mergers, the company further developed into the current BDR Thermea Group, of which the Foundation is the sole owner.

The long-term view and stability of the Foundation enabled the company to grow substantially over the past 40 years into the multinational it is today. Serving customers in more than 100 countries worldwide, BDR Thermea Group is a global player with market-leading brands and over 6000 employees. Next to the motivation for the continuity of the company, the Foundation is committed to accelerating the energy transition through education, innovation, and technology.

History of BDR Thermea Foundation

Our purpose

Our Foundation exists to safeguard BDR Thermea Group’s continuity, and to advance the energy transition through supporting technical education and innovation.

We focus on the continuity of BDR Thermea Group by acting as a stable and committed shareholder. And use our financial means to invest in social impact projects to enhance technical education and innovation to support the energy transition. We preferably, but not exclusively, focus on projects related to BDR Thermea Group’s core business values.

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Foundation’s key values:

  • Forward-looking
  • Collaborative
  • Stewardship

Complementary to BDR Thermea Group’s key values:

  • Customer focus
  • One team
  • Sustainable future

Composition of the board

The board of the Foundation consists of six members with one descendant of our founder Andries van Reekum; an employee representative of BDR Thermea Group and other members who are external and independent.

All board members are appointed for a period of 4 years with the possibility of a 4-year extension. Additional extension of two times 2 years is possible.

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Henk ten Hove

Henk ten Hove is chairman since 2014. He brings technical and economic expertise, a master’s degree in Business Economics, and 30 years in a large international building company to the table. Henk coordinates the Foundation’s activities and ensures that the board is composed of experts with the right experience and knowledge. He acts as primary contact point between the Foundation and company’s management and supervisory board. His goal is a perfect balance between managing business, the Foundation funds, and social impact projects. As he says, “It’s a challenging yet rewarding role, one I am incredibly passionate about.”

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Mariëtte Doornekamp

Mariette Doornekamp has been serving the BDR Thermea Foundation board as treasurer since 2015. “It’s unique to be part of a shareholder of a company actively working towards the energy transition and solving industry challenges. I am excited to contribute to projects which improve technical education and inspire young people to pursue a career in engineering. My years of management and financial experience, particularly in technology-oriented companies, have prepared me to support the mission of the Foundation.”

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Yvette van der Kloet

Yvette van der Kloet, secretary of the Foundation, joined the BDR Thermea Foundation board in July 2019. According to Yvette, “The Foundation allows BDR Thermea Group to really drive the global energy transition while considering important environmental, social, and governance (ESGs) factors. The Foundation actively inspires people to make the transition, finds sustainable solutions in the built environment and prepares future technical professionals. My experience in a family business with similar ambitions and a foundation has been incredibly valuable.”

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General member

Paul Nielen

Paul Nielen, general board member since 2023, is eager to learn more about BDR Thermea Group and the Foundation’s unique position in the energy transition. In Paul’s opinion both find themselves in times of transformation. “The Group is developing to a progressive product and service provider that drives the energy transition. The Foundation is scaling up its initiatives in fostering education and innovation. The unique interdependence of the Group and Foundation make my work extra interesting. And with my background as a financier, advisor and investor, I will ensure to encourage constructive strategic discussions with the Foundation’s board, the supervisory board and the executive board.”

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Family representative

Emiel Borgh

Emiel Borgh brings a unique perspective to the BDR Thermea Foundation board as representative of the Van Reekum family. His grandfather founded the Foundation in 1982 with the vision of ensuring the continuity of BDR Thermea Group. “I am happy to contribute to safeguarding the company’s future success. The company’s leading role in the energy transition, and the Foundation’s contributions to accelerating the energy transition appeal to me. My years as financial expert, help me in ensuring the Foundation’s financial sustainability while carrying on the founder’s values.”

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Employee representative

Britt Bremer

Britt Bremer joined the board as representative of BDR Thermea Group’s employees in 2022. She was nominated by the works council. “As an employee of the Group, I find it rewarding to be an active board member within the Foundation. Having the basis as an active owner offers several opportunities for the Group and its employees. I am looking forward to help creating positive change in technical education and accelerating the energy transition. I work daily with many colleagues within the organization. So, I can offer an insider perspective and input on how strategy will be executed.”

Looking back

The history of BDR Thermea Foundation

Founder Andries van Reekum’s values and vision are still evident in BDR Thermea Group today. Andries, the initial owner of Remeha – today’s BDR Thermea Group – created the Foundation to solidify his legacy. The roots of BDR Thermea Group and Foundation go all the way back to the 1910s. Starting in plumbing and bicycles, the company evolved into a European market-leader.

Learn more about the history of our Foundation
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